Everything You Need To Make Your Winters Comfortable And Happy

“A cozy cashmere hoodie is a great layering piece for a day in the city, which will leave you looking sharp while keeping you warm at the same time.” – Olie Arnold

Winters And Hoods

Winters and clothes have always had an endless beautiful affair. The blend of low temperature with chilly winds adds up to the charm of the winter season. And when combined with the perfect hoods, it makes your wintery days more perfect than ever before! The season of gifts comes along with the two perfect occasions of joy and merry. To make the winters more loving and joyous choose the gift that is special, heart touching and somehow personalized so that the recipient feels more special. This season, choose something new and unique with the perfect economical balance and make your winters a little more quirky and unusual. But before we begin, let’s get a walk down the memory lane to know when hoodies actually came into play.

Hoodies were initially made by an apparel company called ‘Champion Products’. They designed these cozy warm apparels specifically for sportsmen with the intent of keeping their body warm during the harsh winter climate. But gradually, the trend shifted from the “sportsmen thing” to more of pop culture and casual wear. Even today we can see many of the skateboarders, hip-hop dancers and skaters slaying their funky appearance with cool hoodies.

Hoodies are something that is loved by everyone out there during winters, isn’t it? Hoods are the perfect trend setters starting right from early teenagers to adults and now to some extent, even the older generation. Though hoods are the most popular and the most common trends during winters, the thing that can make one stand out is the design! But what actually makes hoods the love of all during the cozy days? The answer is the comfort and cozy fabrics that can make everyone feel warm and comfy. What winters demand, is a pair of new hoods to look completely new and different. You can even change your personality by wearing that perfect designer hood and yes, you can then turn the spotlights on you!

What do winters bring along? A bit of laziness! And hoodies are the perfect rescuers for all those who incorporate the panda life during winters and are too lazy to do much with their looks in winters. A simple hood and a pair of jeans is all you need to set your winter trend on fire! Just be your own stylist and wear a unique and designer hoodie. And the best part, you don’t even have to wander around in different stores to get your perfect winter partner, the virtual shopping centre is here at your service ;). Just lie back in your warm blankets, sip some coffee and shop!

Another thing that comes to mind after reading the above statement is how to style the same cloth (hoodie) in different ways? And that is pretty much everybody’s question. What else could possibly be a way of wearing a hoodie rather than just pairing it up with jeans? But that’s not all. You can any day add variations to your daily clothes by just a little bit of mix-matching. And so is the thing with hoodies.
1. Keep It Simple: The best way to style your hoodie is by pairing it up with dark shaded jeans (blue or black) and white sneakers. The overall look seems very simple but it is one of the best looks you can get from your hoodie. The casual appearance of the look is perfect for daily wear clothing and also for regular hangouts. The overall look seems very cool and calming and suits best to almost any kind of personality.
2. The Leather Way: You must be thinking how a combination of leather and hoodie would look like!!!! Well, the answer is, pretty good. Try to combine and match your hoodie with one of your leather jackets that goes well with the color and the design of the hoodie. Though this seems and actually is a very rare combination but it works well most of the time, but this is surely one that should be given a try. After all, experimenting with looks and clothes is what creates trends.
3. The Athleisure: To all those who are not so familiar with the term athleisure, it is a trend in clothing designed for any athletic or work-out activity being worn out in other surroundings such as workplace, colleges or social occasions. This is a very fresh and cool trend to follow. To spice up your athleisure look pair a simple black hoodie with black fitted joggers and white sneakers, and you are all set to rock your gym-look at your social or casual occasions.
4. The Layer Magic: Layers always do magic! Though wearing a hoodie does pretty much everything that you need, adding a few layers to it can make it even more appealing. Try to pair up a zip-up hoodie, with a round-neck T-shirt. To finish off this look, drag up an overcoat or a jacket that goes well with the other two. A pair of simple slim jeans and round neck sneakers will do the rest of the work.

The hoodie you always loved can now be on the top of your wish list with a perfect styling statement. Present your different style and fashion statement with different designs and styling so that you can look like your favourite star, just like you always wanted to. All you need to do is think what you like most and you can check with the designs that are good to go with your preference. Everybody has a personality that is different from others. We have mentioned some tips on how you can create the best out of your clothing and let the designs you choose speak up for you. You need to choose quality fabric and try to create a unique look which can’t be compared with any other. After all winters are here and to make your winter and New Year vibes more happening, we have come up with new and unusual tips of pairing your beloved hoods that will not only make your day merrier and cozy, but can also be gifted to your loved ones to make them feel special and warm.

Leave a comment and let us know your favorite clothing style during winters and do keep on experimenting with what you wear!