Delhi, the heart of the country has so much to offer when it comes to art and culture. After all, it’s the place where almost every culture has left its footprints. But what should be done when you are not in the mood to go those museums or art galleries or event forts?

Are you also too fed up of that pristine and oldies creatives, just like us? We know that old is always gold and pure art resembles that old times and most probably you are done visiting all the vintages of your city, aren’t you? Thankfully now, to explore art you don’t have to visit those boring and primitive museums or exhibitions. Delhi, a city that is known for its art and culture probably rich with its form of fresh and lively ‘street art’, known as ‘graffiti’, has brought a new wave of art and expression. Here you get the closer patches of art, adjacent to your home, stalls, shops or even windows. Other than being a form of expression, this art form attracts almost everyone who comes here and is currently re-known from the name of ‘street art’ that recreated our boring streets into something more colorful, quirky and interactive. From the pavements of New York to the streets of New Delhi it has almost transformed its nature and imposed a more colorful lens in the city. Take a longer look at the painted, tagged, stickered or wheat pasted facades around you, and you will get a story about that place-usually a very different one and you won’t ask for more colorful patches after scrutinize it. Urban art is changeable but it isn’t about creativity, and madness, the compositions and interaction of the street art so impacted that it helped any city to paint and heal itself in oracularity. Street art has been considered as the rebellious form of art primarily for its bold, unscripted and striking nature, now, restructured by its message and beauty. You may be bored of spending your time around the four walls of your room, malls or museums. If you adore different art and interactivity with some pinch of travelling then you have to stop spending time around those walls and explore the streets of those cornered markets.

Graffitti places in Delhi

The streets which we are telling about the possession of majestic pieces of art that truly understand Delhi’s expression.     

KHIRKI VILLAGE: The street art festival was first started from the location ‘khirki village’. This festival brought together a large number of artists on a single platform and they all transform the dull area into something creative as well as unique that even the walls of that place started to speak. The walls of this place are embellished with vivid graffiti artwork. It is located amidst the posh locality of Saket and manages the charm of both archaic and new touch gracefully. Often referred to as the graffiti hub of Delhi, khirki village is a place that shouldn’t be missed out from your ‘explore list’. If you do like unique and new art or you wish to capture such amazing pieces of artwork that not only applaud the eyes but also denotes its significance, then this place is the perfect to go! This urban village is muse to artists and perfectly denotes the melting pot of different cultures. Historians, photographers, artists and architects have been engaged in their own way with khirki. This village holds your fascination like no other place. Head off straight to this gem of our city! And explore this beautiful piece of art and tell us how you relate to the khirki.

SHAHPUR JAT: Undoubtedly, street art adds new elements and fresh perspective to the boring and old streets across the globe. This place is the perfect splash of colors that will definitely spellbound you with its charm. Due to its perfect colorful hues, this place always attracts loopy photographers and models. After all what else can attract a photographer more than a quirky and creative location having so many color strokes to offer! Depicting the modern understanding of mythical characters with severe aspects of nature the graffiti here signifies rebellion, color and thinking outside the box. If you admire vibrant and bright stains of color around you or your photographs, rather thinking about the place just go and visit it. The entire area of Shahpur Jat is painted with giant graffiti and every turn will amaze you with one after the other surreal views.  It not only amuses you with its perfect color touch but will also add meaning to your photographs!

LOK NAYAK BHAVAN: Okuda, a painter, adorned the painting of a face split, depicts one face as night sky and the other in rainbow colors. It takes its inspiration from the relentless force of capitalism in the lives of local people. However, this piece of creative art is variedly open to different interpretations and would definitely inspire people to think and create. You will capture a true sense of beauty in that area due to the pop art sensibility and bright neon colours used in the street art. Not just the color and the beauty of art is something to adore, the meaning and intent of the art is something to look forward to.

LODHI COLONY: Earlier this area was just a residential colony of Delhi but it has now become India’s first open public art district. Who would have even thought about it? A street full of residential homes is now a platform for open art. Damn! The walls here are quite gripping. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the graffiti denotes ‘colours of the soul’. The paintings of birds in the colony represents the colorful diversity of the people who live there and most importantly, encourage them to communicate with each other and share stories, just like the chirping birds do. Unique, isn’t it? This area is the perfect place for college hangouts and a complete heaven for the graffiti lovers. This colorful wonderland with its unique background attracts almost every fashion blogger. And hey, photography enthusiasts, this is the best and perfect place to showcase your talent.

THE HEART OF DELHI: For all the delhites out there this place is usually the heart of your city, Connaught place! There is nothing left that this place does not have. The art of this place is spread across various walls even at the nooks and at the corners. The walls of the market are like a graffiti art gallery with major characters and stories to be explored. The fantastic art around CP will captivate you anyhow. Walls of the capital have become proud hosts in the recent years. That’s the thing with art, it gives you basic freedom to interpret in your own way.

Being hardcore delhites, we all love to explore new culture and art forms welcoming them with open hearts! And why not, all we love is travel and food.
Some more places that have amazing graffiti collection are Hauz khas village, Agrasen ki Baoli, Shankar market, Arjan garh metro station and the Delhi Police Headquarters.

Comment your favorite graffiti hub and keep exploring more places like these. And yes, don’t forget to let us know if you find something more creative like this!