Travelling, it leaves you speechless on the moment, and then it turns you into a storyteller. Travelling is what we all admire for the sense of adventure, creativity and whatever! Just like all glitters are not gold, all those who wander are not lost. Travelling is an art of observing, it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them and moreover, you are the captain of your own destiny. Our eyes always appreciate art and if it’s contemporary and related to other cities then we all got trapped in the beauty of it and really don’t want to steer above it.

You know what the best part about travelling is? The mere matter only a travel nerd could understand. The Art! Exploring arts of diverse cities artistically. Travelling is not a source of inspiration, sometimes it also helps to release the inner-artist hiding in each and every one of us. Travelling revolves around the desire for accumulating photographs. Collecting souvenirs while travelling is what all people adore. And photography while travelling is like a time machine, freezing memories from a journey that you can look back and enjoy for years. Every destination has its own look, culture, feelings, landscapes, and stories. Seizing these connotations through snapshot assists to convey the spirit of a place to others, giving them a glimpse of what it might be like to venture there. Capturing photos in exotic locations around the world is what a sightseer is kooky about. Freezing the moment of that time for forever is almost indescribable for every travel lover out there. Almost every traveler took his camera in one hand to take a memorable picture and to preserve the moment for lifetime is that makes it almost extraordinary. I have always been infatuated with the power and magic of photography. Most people are!


 Travel and photography


Travelling not only seizes and freezes memories from a journey but it also gives you the calmness that relieves you in de-stress. You have heard this lot millions of times. But do you know what researches actually say about it? Studies suggest that travelling makes a person fresh and calm up to 50%. It helps refreshing the mind. It’s no secret that social interactions are great for the mind. And travelling is no less than a magical stress reliever. Becoming a travel freak or wanderlust is something as addictive as caffeine.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac

Who does not adore the life of Ranbir Kapoor’s character bunny in the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani? Living in all different parts of the world, exploring every street of unknown destinations and capturing those beautiful, breathtaking moments in your camera is simply a thing that is meant to be adored. The thrill, the fun and the passion in being a travel photographer is just something that can’t be explained. You travel across the world, come across different situations, gain some wonderful experiences and most of the times, say it to yourself that yes, this is what my life was supposed to be. Be it your own passion or just a hobby, doing photography while travelling is so much more than most of us know. ‘You can actually travel for photography and get paid for it’. Can you suggest a better way of life than this? Well, we can’t.

But do you think that becoming a travographer is that easy and fun that it looks like? Travel photography is not abided to travelling and making photos now. To many, it sounds like a dream job. Isn’t it? Like almost every job, travel photography is work and usually- it’s very demanding. Obviously you go to amazing places, meet exciting people, and you know what your office looks like? The world map. Travelling around with your camera in hand and your eyes and mind wide open is what travel photography is all about. Absolutely everything you see can be made a subject of an interesting photo. Don’t assume the street is strewn with rubble, so the dust can’t glow like fire as the sun sets. But this dream job comes along with a lot of responsibilities towards yourself and towards the people you are capturing. In spite of the downsides like sleeping in fleas-infested guest houses, never ending bus rides from hell, spending months and years in forests, dealing with Mother Nature even on her worst behavior, loneliness and lack of job stability if you are still here, then probably you are good to go ahead as well.

Travelling and photography are such genres where you can read something new every day. Be it a new experience or a surprising photograph. Considering recent studies on travel photography blogs, we herein add some crucial points that might assist you in making the best out of your elements.

The ‘pre-trip location scouting’ about your destination by reading travel guidebooks or scouring the internet and blog posts might help you to get ideas for photos. Many photographers already said that photographing local people in a foreign country is tough. They might get offended. The travel bloggers suggest ‘talk to people’ strategy, portray them as atticates, buy a souvenir and compliment them and that’s how you make them come to your terms. ‘Experimenting the composition’, before taking a photo is the sole of any capture. What makes your picture different and unique? The different angles. Always try to capture a picture from new angles and never be satisfied with your idea. At first try with a extreme wide angle shot, then a wide angle shot, after then a mid range version and they finally close-up shot. The backgrounds elements are very necessary for a picture so try to include them very carefully.

 Travel and photography


Travel and photography

 Compare these two images with two different angles. Which one do you like most?

Different angles are necessary but different distances are important too. If you don’t want the same boring photos, make sure you plan ‘photography time’ into your travel schedule and focusing on focal points will easily draw your audience to your image as well as it captivates the eyes easily. And that’s how you make ‘photography a priority’. Follow the most basic trick ‘Rule of Thirds’. To get the more balanced composition imagine breaking down an image into thirds horizontally and vertically sections and place the picture in between these intersections. This basic trick will assist in framing the overall image in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. For example: Place a person or horizon along the left grid line rather than directly placing it in center.

 Travel and photography

 Rule of Third

So, before you capture your travel picture; the rule is to ask yourself about the points of cues in that shot and where these can be placed on the grid? And if you are capable of answering these questions then the overall look of your image is enhanced without too many efforts. For organized travel snapshots wander alone, give yourself some time to think how you can arrange elements in a frame because that is what travel photography really relies on. Rushing on will never solve problems and never create pictures that are good enough to remember. The key is ‘patience’. Photography is not only something that requires capturing what is in front of your eyes but also capturing it with your heart and mind too. So, before pressing the shutter make an effort to know your surroundings. Pay attention to detailing is what we say in the end.


There are already hundreds of guides offering detailed advices on everything from camera settings to composition. But we understand that how frustrating those can be. Above mentioned are the short and sweet points on the basics of preparing, taking and storing your photos.


These are some of the instances based on my study. Share your experiences and let us know how you relate travel with photography.