What is e-commerce?
We know it is something that most of us are familiar with! As a layman, e-commerce or say, electronic commerce is a term which describes the selling and purchasing of any kind of goods or services over the internet. Concluding in simple terms, e-commerce is a process through which businesses and consumers sell or purchase goods via an electronic medium. E-commerce has emerged as a savior for business by saving the time and distance to buy or sell goods in person. E-commerce has provided a cool and sophisticated platform to the businesses to enlist and sell the products over internet and surmount businesses. The term may seem partial towards the trading parties or what we commonly call sellers. But that is not entirely correct. The process not only gives advantage to the business but it has also empowered consumers to find their necessary products in an easy, time saving and less sweating way. The traditional norm of roaming to shops and wasting long hours has changed completely after the approach of e-commerce in the field of internet.


In the 90s, with the emerging technology, the trend of online shopping started and went on the thirteen sky. Since then, as it not only reduces the burden of time and distance, but also provides thousands of variety and choices that are just a single click away, it had gained trust and popularity in no time. Remember the time, when you took repeated turns around the market till you dropped and still could not find a single thing which you needed? But right after the smartphones (which is the most common term for technology today) came into our hand, the traditional way of buying and selling became the concept of single click. You can purchase your desired product simply by using your screen; anytime and anywhere, with a decent internet connection that plays the role of connection thread. And now is the time when you can browse millions of products on the screen of your smartphones. Earlier this process was only limited to the selling and buying of commodities but with the advancement in technology, it has incorporated more concepts like counseling, tutorials, music, movies and lot more that not only assist you in making your lifestyle easier but also save your time, effort and money. 

E-commerce (virtual shopping centre)

Due to the ease in online purchasing, the popularity and demand for the same keeps on getting higher and almost every business has now shifted from brick stores to e-stores. What else could be better than the comfort involved in the purchasing of your favourite items, sitting in your home? Well, in this fast paced life, people appreciate the process of online purchasing and the convenience they received from the process of e-commerce. More than half the population of our country applauds the e-store process but as there is no such thing as constants, these specifics are constantly increasing. Considering people’s choice, we can say that because of the never-ending range of benefits, e-commerce is expanding tremendously.  Before moving forward let’s have a quick look on the comprehensive benefits that you can enjoy.

Convenience and Easiness: Almost each and every person in the world prefers shopping online because of its easiness and convenience. You can purchase almost anything from your home 24*7 and get an ultimate shopping experience. And the biggest benefit of such e-commerce platforms is the infinite number of options! It’s like you are sitting at a store that doesn’t have an end for variety. Pretty cool right! Another benefit in terms of convenience is the payment option. The options are quick, easy and user friendly. The convenience in payment, delivery and exchange options save lot of time and money by searching the products easily as well as pick and drop in case of returning and exchanging of goods.

Offer detailed information about products: Hey consumers, when you go to any market do the shopkeeper provide you with the detailed data of any product? We know your answer is pretty much ‘no’. But when you choose to shop online, you get long descriptions and details, be it the type of fabric, the quality, the quantity and whatever else you need to know. No matter what the time and day of the week it is! You will get answers to all your queries and necessary information on e-commerce platform. And after getting every bit of information it’s your decision whether you want to buy or not.

Wide Range: As a physical store, one can only allow a vendor to stock a minimum amount of goods due to space and other resources’ constraints. Whereas a virtual store maintains a stock of lot of goods without even considering the inventory cost and hence enables the customer to choose from a wide variety of products of their choice from any vendor and from any location in the world.

Stay open (24*7 Store):
One of the biggest benefits that e-commerce provides is that you get to enjoy the store timings 24/7/365. You can open any site from your phone and keep shopping happily, peacefully and without hustling. You can view your favourite products from all around the world and shop without even moving your feet.

Global Reach:
The best benefit of the e-commerce is its availability on global scale. Anyone can buy whatever they need from anywhere in the world. The products which you like and choose for yourself are at your doorstep in just a few clicks. Irrespective of where you live and from where you are ordering from, just enter your valid address and your product is at your place in just few days.

Interactivity: The main and the most highlighted feature of the e-commerce process. The online portal now provides genuine interactivity and explains you the complete process regarding your order. You can even track the status of your shipment and delivery from your smart phone once you successfully place your order.

The following advantages have proved that why people are getting crazy about the e-commerce shopping. It's all about the ease and comfort that people are getting by using such services. And as people are badly addicted to shopping, there is no looking back for e-shopping!
And when they are getting ease of just opening their smartphones, making a few clicks and everything’s done, why wouldn’t they go and prefer such options over anything else. With the increasing number of internet users in the recent years, India has seen marvelous growth in the e-commerce field. Not only this, India has witnessed wondering rise in e-retailing of electronic goods, fashion and home appliances online
Though some people still prefer to go to the shops, look for products and make quality check for each and every product, e-commerce is something that has touched almost everyone directly or indirectly! Comment below your views about the increasing popularity of e-commerce platforms and are they beneficial to you or not?