“The beauty of artefacts is in how they reassure us we’re not the first to die.” ― Simon Van Booy


Will you ever be able to project how your favourite piece will look with your decor? Imagine, you are in a pleasing home decor store and your eyes get stuck on a winsome piece of artistry. It will cost you a fortune but then you are not sure about how well it will fit into the guise of your home. However, there’s no purpose that the expensive artefact would serve anything beyond the idea of beauty or aesthetics. Will you be able to recognize how perfect would it look with your décor? Of course we know the answer is ‘no’. Here comes the role of digitization. Digitization has its own advantages. Who ever thought that people will get the virtual definition of the products they buy for their use? Do you ever wonder how digitization improves your interior designs? The sites on e-commerce platform create such an image of a product that it helps you in not only purchasing the best designs but also let you visualize how your space if you buy the product for your home, that too prior to your purchase. This era belongs to the digital world and each and everything, from a smallest of thing to a significant artefact can get you a digital presentation before the actual output.

Well, what exactly is an artefact?
According to, artefact is a handmade object, as a tool, or the remains of one, as a shard of pottery, characteristic of earlier time or cultural stage, especially such an object that is found at an archaeological excavation.

Would you purchase art for art sake? Or is there something deeper? What according to you is an artefact? It is a unique piece of object particularly made by a demented human being, typically, not limited to represent the cultural or historical interest. Remember, initially, art was completely aristocratic and only limited to the galleries and museum but now it is rejuvenated into craftsmanship and reincarnated into lifestyle. There are so many pieces of art found everywhere and every piece is different in its own unique way. Markets already take its shape and recreate itself from brand value to the artsy. So, stop distressing about ‘where to buy from’ and start focussing on unique as well as creative pieces that intrigue the eyes. Just like a woman accessories her clothes with matching  jewellery and bags, spaces requisite to be accessorized by objects that match as well as fit into the stable style of home. As, we all know world is flooded with the thriving options that ranges from high to comparatively low prices.

How would you know that you are making the right choice?

Artifacts for art's sake


Create your satirical art: Doppelgangers are here and there for many well-known artworks or some are even on the streets. Although the biggest advantage of this digitization age is the ease in purchasing and creative utilization of money and time, but the biggest disadvantage of this era is replication. There is an enormous difference in owning ‘A Mona Lisa’ and ‘The Mona Lisa’. Thus, to have a replica of the same frame in any home does not make sense. But if you are a great admirer of the renaissance painting don’t hesitate to own it, but with a twist. It could be embossed on a different fabric or somehow transmuted into a mosaic painting. You could use it as a table inlay. If, styled differently or reincarnated from signature pieces, the accents of famous artworks will be enhanced.

Clean and hassle free: Did anyone ever find a transparent glass vase attractive? But think about adding a vivid effect with flowers. Not only this enhances the quality of your home but it denotes a hassle-free environment. This fits right into commercial spaces or home offices where work has to happen without too many distractions. An abstractly shaped artefact or a cluster of textures of similar ones will only create a havoc situation for such an environment. They are easily available on the e-commerce platforms at a very affordable price. And you also get an idea of how entirely your piece of art looks like as they have many graphics displayed on their site. So, what’s not to admire?

Frivolous is the new trend: Who says picking home decor that is cheap cannot be of any help? There are various websites and markets you can go through and get the things that fit into your budget and looks like wow after a little bit of touch-up. You just need to experiment with it and give it your own little touch with the help of DIY (do-it-yourself) tricks. If you buy clay pots from the market, revamp them with paints and add neon colours. Antique frames can also be detached from the pictures to be hung solo. A cheap shopping will not hurt you, until and unless you are using it to add those much needed glamour pin-points. Does it not sound familiar, being smart and easy? Save your money with the little touch of creativity. Go and try it. You will definitely get the perfect satisfaction out of it. 

Consuming is beauty: While choosing an artefact, it is not necessary that you have to go with the magnificence. Incorporate clocks and mirrors as art objects. You know how a perfect wall looks with antique or stylized mirrors above a console table against a textured wall. Always pick those clocks that accentuate your decor. They not only work as a clock but also work well as a wall art or stand pieces of artwork. Utility of art goes well with fancy storage boxes, wooden chests or artistry tableware. There are millions and a lot more website to assist you with this move. Go on, choose anything that you love and this way you will not get easily bored of it. Something which you do not admire wholeheartedly will not be able to hold your attention for long. Our goal is to ensure that your products are your best friends and you are able to maintain a relation as long and as friendly as you maintain with your dear ones.  

Money or Finery: Ceramic work is an expensive but a good idea. Although, it is a bit expensive, but no other thing can replace the work of ceramics. You can take it from the websites that display huge artwork within your budget or can go to markets where you can get varieties. The choice is yours but take the material that is good enough and matches with your entire space.  As mentioned already finery does not come cheap, but it is a fantastic investment, which you make once in a while. Just don’t make it monotonous, use your things like an artist. Re-create it and make the best out of it. And go on with your personal choices. Personal choices are important but make sure that what you buy ensures long term excitement.

Let’s put together everything and conclude that art and how it is portrayed are both preposterous. Artefacts are much more than just a static piece of art. They can undoubtedly play the role of both icing on the cake or be the cake themselves. But sometimes, it’s not always about the piece of art that you have picked. The way you show it off plays an important role too. It perfectly depends on the choices you make to display them. Although, there is no concept of right or wrong, but most of the times it can make quite a noticeable difference. Making wise choices is the matter of fact. For some the perfect masterpiece of art could be just an artistic stroke or splash of colours while for some the deeper the meaning or the story the art depicts, the more they fall in love with it.

What an artist does is nothing different. He makes good choices and goes on without thinking twice. He expresses himself and his thoughts through whatever means he finds the best. Re-decorate your space with the touch of quirk and creativity with a balance of maintaining longevity of objects. After all it’s your living space! It should match your vibes and your personality. Don’t shy away from experimenting. You won’t know what can work out best for your décor until you put it in your space!

These were some of the suggestions that can help you choose the best for your décor. Which idea did you like the most? Comment below and let us know!