Oh, the romance. Nothing in the world is more charming than the fancy dates, candle lights, fragrance of sweet roses, and the sweet efforts of your loved ones in making the day of love more special and memorable.  

Valentine's Day

Although Valentine’s Day is a time to show love to spouse, friends, and anyone else you might love but the lane of history suggests something else. You know what is even more difficult- pinpointing the story of its namesake Saint Valentine. There are multiple stories of Saint Valentine. While Catholics say that feb.14 marks the martyrdom of Saint Valentine, who was recognized as the roman priest in the third century, no one agrees on what exactly he did or why was he executed. Some say that Saint Valentine was a bishop who revived the sick, in conjunction with the blind daughter of a prison guard whom he met in jail for practicing Christianity. While the others say it was a consequence of his attempt to convert Emperor Claudius II to Christianity- he was sentenced to death. Remaining concluded this scenario by stating, he secretly performed weddings, defying a ban on marriage of soldiers that had been imposed by the emperor and that is why he was punished to death.

Even if the story of Saint Valentine is not exactly well-known, the enthusiasm has never shown a sign of fading. Greeting cards, scrolls, images, romantic phrases started getting emerged. The different heart shaped chocolates and cushions, greeting cards, roses, have remained Valentine’s Day traditions.

But from round the world, valentine’s traditions have changed now. Every country has its own unique and different tradition going around the world on the 14th which is something no one could ever think of!  Just like the US has a theme of going all out, UK focusing on dream dates, Japan pampers the men, Finland is for flying solo and celebrating with friends, Peru plans this season of love by opting orchids and similarly India is a country revolving around cheesy presents. No matter what traditions you follow or which country you live in, the tradition of giving gifts to your loved ones especially in the season of love is what heart admires. The candies, cards, chocolates, flowers are not just couple-y things. As soul mates aren’t just only lovers, you can even exchange gifts with your friends and fill their hearts with lots and lots of love. Gift guides are everywhere, but we are not here to curate you with better gifts guides. We will directly take you to a place where you yourself find different of gifts and items for your loved ones. Be it a special occasion or daily life, we do have everything that will fill your place with all the love and quirk. This Valentines, visit our ‘Virtual Valentine Store’ and surprise your loved ones with the gift hampers that we have. Here are the gifts that will make your love season even more special.

  1. 1.    Everyone needs a perfect mug: What soothes the eyes calms the mind. That perfect dose of caffeine is what strongly keeps us alive and awaken in the race of life. Whether office or home, caffeine is something that not only refreshes the mind but also keeps us going for the entire day. So, whenever it comes to the need of caffeine, the perfect calmness will come only when it is served in its perfect mug. To get the perfect blend, it is important to choose the perfect mug for the perfect dose of caffeine.  From love themes to the quirky, choose the perfect themed mugs for everyone you admire. If you want to express your emotions to your partner, gift our set of two couple mugs and they will express it all for you. This Valentines, gift something cute, beautiful and adorable that perfectly suits the approach and personality of your partner. Mug is something that not only adds up to the décor and brightens up the table but also assists in speaking the mind and emotions if perfectly crafted.  Gift this perfectly crafted mug to your dear ones and let them know your thoughts and feelings towards them.


  1. 2.    A different place to write it down: So, if your partner has this crazy habit of pen things down, then, we have the perfect thing for you to gift them. Your partner will never take their eyes off from these new valentines’ designs that we have. Almost everyone across the globe pens down the things in their own way. But what they all need is the perfect notepad to write on! So, go with a wise decision and select the most appropriate option from the endless themes. As notepad is the only thing that stays in front of the eyes everytime, you can either go with the cute and appealing notepad or go on with the valentine themed one so that your partner will think of you every time she opens it up! And no worries, we even got the singles covered. This Valentines, gift your friends with something different.


  1. 3.    Because cushions are an ultimate way to reach someone’s heart: This Valentine, we have got the cutest thing for you to gift. Yessssssss! They are soft; the designs are cute and entertaining enough to take your partner’s heart. These cushions will perfectly speak up for you and add a pinch of love and cuteness to your décor. For the season of love is here, mark everyday with smiles and different colours. Gift these cushions to your loved ones and mark their place with the touch of love.  


  1. 4.    Your phone’s dramatic support is here: For all those who are highly obsessed with their phones. Here is how you can make your phone even more cute and dramatic. Pop Sockets make your phone cutely dramatic and also assist for more secure grips and lesser phone drops. Woaahh! Not only this, our collection of pop sockets will easily express your heart out. Go ahead and gift this unique yet useful accessory to the ones who are infatuated with their cell phones and we assure you the designs will speak up your feelings to them.