The New Year signifies that this is the prominent time to bid farewell to the by-gone year and to welcome the New Year with more opportunities and new waves. Yes! Another remarkable year comes to an end and everybody across the globe is busy preparing for this huge celebration and to say goodbye this year in style. To mark the beginning of this upcoming year, every other person becomes jollier and irrespective for which part of the country you live in, by the time New Year is at your doorstep, it becomes the most talked about event ever! When it comes to New Year, every part of the country is ever ready to rock the dance floor. The loud vibes, the bright decorations, the smell of parties and the sweet smell of delicious delicacies are delightful enough to turn this festive season into an even merrier affair. As this year is almost at its end and with each passing day the excitement is getting higher and higher and all this zeal and enthusiasm calls for the celebration. As this time marks the beginning of new thoughts and resolutions, New Year is treated as the best time of the year. 

While people are planning for their ideal celebrations, the prompting enthusiasm is what counts. Traditionally, New Year was celebrated on 1st of march every year but due to the more religious significance the date has been switched to 1st January.

New Year Celebration Destinations

To cheerfully welcome the New Year, the whole world engages in the conspiracy of love and celebrates these festive vibes in their own way. People in every part across the world dress colourfully and indulge in excitement and different things like partying in clubs, singing, playing games, exchanging gifts, and many more. Exchanging messages, gifts and greeting cards become the soul of every New Year’s Eve. Superbly excited folks around the world are ever-ready to rejoice the biggest celebration of the year. Some prefer to celebrate this wonderful ending by partying the whole night while some prefer to visit to beautiful destinations and seize the beauty around there, some prefer to take this as a opportunity to spend some lasting and beautiful moments with their friends and family, while some want to sit alone in peace and count the endless precious moments of the departing year. Fellas, who admire to stay indoors certainly like the age old way of setting traditional resolutions for the upcoming year. But if you too are one of them who like hanging out with larger crowds and partying to note and leave the footprints on the very beginning of this New Year, then you have come to the right place.

As every place has its own beautiful and unusual destinations, India has lined up its best places to hang around. If you are one of those travel nerds who celebrate such occasions by going out with your friends and family or you would love to experience vibrant colours and joyful atmosphere filled with parties, prayers, and social feasts then here are some of the places across India that escalate your happiness with dance, crackers, lightning, décor and fireworks.

The Heart Of India- Delhi
YESSSSS! Delhi is the godfather of all the best places to celebrate New Year in India. Delhi is popularly known as the best hub for the party freaks and yes mates, it’s true that in north India it is known as the best place to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. From drinks, dance, lights, songs you can get every minutest thing to enjoy and celebrate that perfect New Year that you always crave. Private lounge or exclusive night clubs the choice is almost yours but you will get thousands of choices to choose from. The décor and night lights are so fascinating that you will find yourself intrigued in the fascination of this place. The glitters and the sparkles around the place is enough to make you spellbound in the beauty of the night life. You can celebrate your New Year’s Eve in the perfect and most unusual way here. So, don’t just sit ideally and go an extra mile to make your eve more special and merrier.

The Perfect Snow Clad New Year’s Eve- Mcleodganj

Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, this little town is dipped in excitement during the New year’s eve like no one. The chilly winds brushes you and this place is all musical on this day. There are a lot cute little cafes here where you can relax and sip your drinks and can listen to the people playing guitar. Almost everyone here rushes down on the streets and enjoys their drinks on the New Year’s Eve. With the mesmerizing view of Himalayas and lazy evenings followed by the subtle music and dance, make your New Year pop. Hey people! Just remember that McLeod’s quiet and beautiful décor will leave you speechless and spellbound.

The Sleepless City- Mumbai
Haven’t you heard that Mumbai never sleeps? Of course, you have! The perfect place for all the party lovers out there. Party all night is the perfect caption and mantra for all the mumbaikars. Be it a house party or beach, this city celebrates the New Year’s Eve with perfect enthusiasm and ardor. As the city lights up with lights and crackers, you will enjoy your every brew and dance exactly like a maddy! Go and visit Marine Drive if you are one of those sober and calm lovers. You can sit there with your friends and enjoy your drinks at the eve of New Year. The hotels, lounges and bars are all decked up in the charm of parties and you will experience a fantastic eve there. Who could not fall in love with the charm and fascination of Mumbai?! I personally adore every place I have visited there! Just don’t read and move your feet because nothing gonna wait for you this long.

The Second Las Vegas of India- Goa
When it comes to Mumbai, how could you even forget about Goa? This is definitely one of those perfect places to celebrate the Christmas and New Year Vibes. Well, go to an extra edge and enjoy the cheap beer, beach side stay, live music and night long parties. Every youngster is known to be lost to the charm and fascination of Goa and why not, this place is known as the second heart of youngsters. Although people in Goa are lost in regular parties all year round, but there is something different and extra when it comes to New Year- the fire crackers lighting up the coastline. The place of youngsters is seen going wild on the eve of New Year. Call it beach or clubs, the youngsters dance to the tunes of jazzy songs all night long. Undoubtedly, Goa is one of the best places in India to enjoy New Year’s Eve.

We will come up with more interesting and unusual places for all the travel nerds. Until then celebrate your New Year’s Eve in India and let us know where you make the best memories.
We wish you a very happy New Year!