How do you grab and sustain the attention of your audience, and stimulate them into taking an action? Simply put, advertising has always been, and will always be one of the major factors in attracting, grabbing and pertaining customers and also a means to attract your potential customers.
The world of advertising has been subjected to various alterations since the last decade. It has taken a new way of digital platform which not only saves time and money on the part of the advertiser but also helps to conquer prospective target audience as well as enhances the goodwill of the company. There has been a large shift in the methodologies involved in the advertising, right from the commencement of a business exigency to generating awareness about the facts and smoothness of its tenure. Exaltation is a pre-requisite for any business, whether it’s a start-up or traditional one; online or offline for yielding turnovers. Advertising is exquisite to amplify the world- wide sales, preserving prolonged customer relations by putting forth mere identity.

Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving. – David Ogilvy


Because people read what interests them

Conventionally speaking ‘advertising’ is any form of paid, non-personal communication of ideas, products or services through an identified sponsor. But is it really the scenario of modern advertising? Though it still incorporates the traits of being a paid form through known sponsor, does the conventional form of advertising has that much of relevance today? We all know advertising has gone through major milestones over the last few years.

By saying conventional, we simply mean the traditional or general ways of doing advertising. Some of the major conventions of traditional advertising were magazines, newspaper, radio, TV and direct e-mails. 
Now let’s talk about the buzz, ‘The Unconventional’. Due to the consistency of creativity and low-costing unconventional advertising; as often referred to as the guerilla advertising, is more effective than traditional methods. As traditional advertising which results in the development and growth, has transformed in almost every possible sector of product and services, there are neoteric ways emerging out to advertise what a company is offering to the audience. Some of them incorporate the conventional traits of advertising, but some of them don’t. Coming forth with the passage of time and possessing new tactics for advertising is something that almost every business now lists as a prerequisite.

With the many heterogeneous alternatives given in the market, one needs to pay heed towards the imperative ones, in order to stand out of the herd! The intense levels of competition and never ending technological advancements have brought out several unconventional methods of advertising. Considering the latest studies and concepts, we have herein added some crucial points that affix some inputs that any organization has to procure.

Post content about obscure but along with interesting facts: Retract; main intention is always to develop a fact that sparks interest in people. Although it’s not easy to find obscure and interesting facts that would get people’s interest. Research facts in such a way it is well worth the effort that you put in. Find interesting facts that you can always rely on and make the scripts and videos informative rather than blabbering. If you tell something that people don’t know they will feel cohesive with you. Also, billboards are outdated but if you make them eye-catchy, you will definitely become a game changer.

Feature something local and interesting on your website: There are endless ads pre-occupied in the mind of a viewer. Agreed? Local ads are prone to be cheesy, and it seems like you are blabbering from your own mouth about your world, more specifically it looks pretty bad in the bigger picture. But all this slaying trends will never cease to continue for as long as people like them. With the blend of certain changes, you can almost do the exact thing. Do you ever listen to the world geographical hash tags? It will make you different from the herd and will make you easier to spot.

Run an off the wall photo or video content on socials: So content and featuring, done. One point of consideration through which you can make your advertising game even more swinging is the challenges and contests on social sites. Maybe, you have seen them before on your instagram or facebook. Herein the participants are required to take daily photos of their practice and tag the brand in their posts. It is funny and engaging, yet effective approach of advertising because it brings people to action. You can involve people by coming up with these sorts of challenges and contests for your audience. You will engage more people if you are able to combine the unusual with the usual these days.

Challenge amateurs to come up with their own ad campaigns for you: What you can do is to challenge all the people out there to come up with their own campaigns and new ideas. What could be better than engaging consumers through their own generated content? It challenges ordinary people to come up with the different ideas which apparently assist your company in maintaining its socially connected networks. And if this part done correctly, kudos to you! You are there in the mind of your audience with a great image and never ending trust.  

Twisting an age old saying: The most basic line of thought that you can follow is to twist that old boring piece of content. Plan it out in a way that it incorporates a new and fresh perspective to attract and retain the attention of the readers. The best example for this is memes; they are funny as well as effective for giving a twist to your age old sayings. Customers will not only be relate to you if your pieces match their thoughts and satisfy them, but also create a curiosity in this about the things that they would want to know. Who does not adore a content which is funny, effective and relatable? You just need to sew your thread with the right needle, and you are almost there. Rather than slaying on boring and fishy sayings, make it provocative and sarcastic. The basic ideology behind this is to make people more involved and engaged with you, even more if you bide them with the content they like. You can make-up your own stories and post them where it makes people think about you. What’s better than repurposing something familiar or old to suit your own ends?

Wrap: Well, in the end it is concluded that all the tactics of promotion need not be hard. Just come up with a good idea, and run it for all it’s worth. Ideas and implementation is a good place to start with, but don’t let that be your limit. From time to time, come up with the new and fresh approach that makes your target audience feel closer to your business. Enhancing overall image of an organization is a work of efficient labour. Share your ideas with your audience, persuade them but don’t vigor them. Remember, sharing is caring, but forcing is not.

Stated above are all the reasons for why unconventional marketing strives to bring success to brands in increasing conversion rates and subsequently driving sales. More importantly, the success of these unconventional advertising is realistic when it is memorable to your potential and targeted customers. Arguably this is what advertising should be centered upon, but this isn’t always the case. Always be experimental as that is how you will learn different methodologies about your potential and targeted audience, each time you try something new. Unconventional advertising is often more efficient than a printed ad or traditional form of advertising. Make a bigger impact on your potential and targeted customers from the points stated above.

So, what do you think about the prominent existence of unconventional methods of advertising? Let us know in the comments section below.