It’s November, already! The weather these days is quite pleasant and little windy. Precisely, the weather is not abiding for anyone. You know what the best part about winter is? The mere matter ‘Only a coffee lover’ could understand. YES! Is there any better way for coffee closers than travelling with their beloved mugs while capturing up some pieces of intriguing art that inspire, evoke and mold them into a soothing feeling and serenity? Well, it’s never a compulsion to have a monsoon or occasion juncture to travel with your coffee mugs. Because as a true coffee-holic, coffee is something that most of us are obsessed about, and when it is served in our ‘Dear Mug’, not even a single serious problem is left without a fix. Not limited to being a stress buster, coffee is something that affixes glaring energy and delight at any time of the day. Different type of coffee mugs fit in diverse exigency. Although, coffee mugs are all identical, but umpteenth of them are specialized for exclusive coffee while certain are composed for our personalized needs. Concretely, half of the population in our country is distressed with obsessive coffee disorder. And that obviously requires a lot of coffee mugs- and more importantly different types of mugs, in fact just because one is never enough. Isn’t it surprising? You may sometimes be distressed about the colors and sizes concerning to your mugs, while travelling. But now, there is nothing to worry about.

In God’s Own Country
I am hereby going to undertake an enthralling saga of someone I can majorly relate to. Exactly, he is one of those travel-nerds as well as coffee geek who loves to explore novel places with a mug of coffee in one hand and a camera in the other. Once he told me, about one of his trips to Kerala. Out of all the winsome beauties he pointed out about the place, the most unusual attraction was his interest in the coffee mugs. He showed me the collection of coffee mugs he got from there and bang on! They were just marvelous! They were antiques with the most intriguing pieces of fine arts. Creative enough to magnetize anyone who set their eyes on them! I personally got fascinated regarding how enthralling a coffee mug can be. Precisely, it was not just a coffee mug, it was a complete infatuation! I have been to so many cafes and places since then to find out about different types of mugs available in the place for all the coffee geeks out there.

Let’s Pour In

Coffee has it's perfect mug

One such mug that fits in all similar urge is the ‘ceramic’. These are perhaps a bizarre, all-rounder preference. The ceramics will sustain your hot coffee without even burning your hands. They are indigenous to keep clean as well as they are pretty hard to break until and unless you drop them. Even if you backlash a scalding hot cup of coffee and wash the mug immediately with cold water, it won’t crack or break. It is by far, the most durable, graceful and fashionable option out there. Ceramic mugs can never go wrong for any personalization. If you want to scrimp a few steps to the coffee maker, always go with the significant one. If you are featuring at the type of mug suitable as an on-the-go partner, you may have a look the stainless steel mugs out there in the market. People even call them their “travel partner”. As they have spill proof lids and an insulating design to keep the coffee hot and keep you relax and soothe. They are dreadful, if you are looking for the mugs that are both dapper and imperishable. Obviously, don’t carry a 16 ounces coffee mug for espresso, unless you draft to adieu conscious for a week! Instead, go ahead and harness a demitasse cup which is much succinct than a mug and holds 2-3 ounces of the concentrated brew. 

We know that India is highly famous for its tea culture but certainly it’s not a stranger to those heavenly coffee beans. When you go around the world, you will find a bouquet of different coffee drinks and for every coffee mug there is a special type of coffee. A lot of people who give primary focus on caffeine certainly believe that a coffee without its perfect mug or a perfect mug without its coffee is something will won’t work out. For a normal person there is just one term for caffeine and that is coffee, but being a real coffee-lover, we know that it is a lot more than that!
Coffee has a variety of aroma, taste and type. The anytime and every time favorites of any coffee addict could be one of these.

Everything you need to know

‘Americano’ a shot of espresso with hot water. This is generally a different flavor from traditionally brewed coffee. The drink consists of a single or double shot of espresso brewed with added water. Usually served in small cup as the quantity served is less compared to any normal cup of coffee. ‘Latte’ with a shallow pool of foam floating on top, is usually an espresso with steamed milk. This can be hot or iced and can be served in a glass. Iced latte is often served unstirred in a glass cup. ‘Café mocha’, what makes latte more delicious is chocolate flavoring and a cloud of whipped cream. Café mocha is a chocolate flavored variant of café latte. In its basic formulation, it is also known as hot chocolate. ‘Cappuccino’, espresso with a thick layer of foamy steamed milk. It is usually smaller in volume than a café latte, with a thick layer of micro foam and is served in small cups. It can be iced as well as hot. While the hot one is usually served in small cups, the iced cappuccino is served in a generally big mug; similar to iced latte. ‘Frappe’, is basically a cold coffee that requires shaking to create it’s forth. This type of coffee is generally served in a bigger mug. Delicious enough and particularly most famous in India during summers. ‘Macchiato’, this coffee is a sort of twin of latte but more milky, more foamy and served as a layered coffee, rather than a fully blended one.

For all the coffee geeks out there and the potential coffee addicts too, don’t go just for any other coffee mug, find the mug that magnifies your coffee addiction and your ‘I wanna have some coffee mood!’ Because coffee is perhaps the best way to energize, calm and soothe yourself.
Comment below your favorite type of coffee and the way you enjoy it!