Women's Day

8th March is known to honor all the special ladies around us and make them feel even more special and precious. Women are courageous, inspiring and they shape the world towards betterment and this day is reserved to celebrate such courage of women around us. This day also acts as a reminder that there is so much more to be fixed for women who are still unheard and aren’t given much authority to showcase their potential.
As women’s day is around the corner, the indulgence in happiness is on! Gifting is one such thing that expresses emotions and merriment of any occasion. The gesture of gifting not only plays a pivotal role in conveying our wishes but it also upholds the core essence of any special occasion. It is a compassionate gesture to tell your loved ones that you do care! On this women’s day, cherish all the ladies around you and celebrate the courage of the incredible ladies, by gifting presents as a small gesture of love to them. From the pay discrepancy to different struggles across life, these incredible ladies never give up on things even after the thousands of hurdles and here comes the perfect day to reward them with the gifts that suit the personality of your strong-inspiring-empowering- thriving woman. From the one who knows what is struggle to the one who still struggles, let us take a bow and celebrate their special day with a lot of love and quirk.
Gift guides are everywhere, but we are not here to curate you with better gifts guides. We will directly take you to a place where you will be able to find different of gifts and items for your bold ladies. Be it special occasions or daily life, we do have everything that will fill your place with all the love and quirk. This Women’s Day, visit our ‘Virtual Store’ and surprise your superwomen with the perfect range of designs we have. Take a look and decide what to gift and how to make your special women feel cherished this women’s day: 

1. Everyone needs a perfect mug:
What soothes the eyes calms the mind. That perfect dose of caffeine is what strongly keeps us alive and awaken in the race of life. Whether office or home, caffeine is something that not only refreshes the mind but also keeps us going for the entire day. So, whenever it comes to the need of caffeine, the perfect calmness will come only when it is served in its perfect mug. To get the perfect blend, it is important to choose the perfect mug for the perfect dose of caffeine.  From love themes to the quirky, choose the perfect theme of mugs for your lady that will suit best to her personality and express your emotions easily. This Women’s Day, gift something cute, beautiful, and adorable that perfectly matches to the approach and personality of your woman. Mug is something that not only adds up to the décor and brightens up the table but also assists in speaking the mind and emotions; if perfectly crafted.  Gift perfectly crafted mug to your superwoman and let her know your thoughts and feelings towards her.

2. A different place to write it down:
So, if your lady has this habit of penning things down, then, we have the perfect thing for you. Your lady will definitely be motivated and surprised with these Women’s day designs that we have. Almost everyone across the globe admires to pen down things in their own way. But what they all need is the perfect notepad to write their stuff down! So, go with a wise decision and select the most appropriate option from the endless themes. As notepad is the only thing that stays in front of the eyes everytime, you can either go with the cute and appealing notepads or go on with the Inspirational themed ones so that your perfect woman remembers you every time she opens it up! And no worries, we have even got boldness and inspiration covered in our notepad range, so that you can gift your different and unique lady with different and special gifts.

3. Wear what you think, think what you wear: To mark the beginning of the Women’s Day, add a touch of elegance and vibrance to your fabrics. Gift these colourful and vibrant badges that will not only help you to say your heart out but also make your attire look more entertaining and cool. We have specially designed these badges around the Women’s Day to make them speak up their mind freely and confidently. Gift this quirky stuff to your superwoman and help her out to speak her mind!

4. Leave your mark wherever you go: When it comes to gifting, it’s imperative to think differently. Going with the current trends, we have designed these most understated yet the most essential item of gifting i.e. sipper that conveys your emotions in the best way to your female champion. It definitely connects your emotions and leaves a positive impact on their conduct and performance.

Do gift something unique and extra-ordinary to your woman and let her know that she holds and important place in your life and heart. Women’s Day is the perfect time to inspire and act. This women’s day let all the women know and feel that they are special with the different and unique gifts that we have mentioned.

We wish you all a HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY!!