Christmas is that time of the year when everyone gathers around to exchange gifts and amuse around the cozy wintery nights. This winter festival is the perfect time to get lost in the joy and merriment to beat the winter blues. Everyone in India is gearing up for the most beautiful festival and get an extra loopy for this crazy eve. The Christmas trees being decorated up everywhere, the stores providing huge discounts in malls, the sound of music and happiness all around, the bright and loud décor, and the sweet smell of delicacies and cakes on the onset of bakeries are delightful enough to turn this festive season into an even merrier affair.

Remember the time when receiving gifts was just what you asked SANTA CLAUS and that thing embraces you like nothing else. But as you grow up, is there any better escape than the spirit of giving gifts, decorating your place or to go on a vacation in the winter season? Everyone knows that this is everything that keeps us cozy, warm and happy on such merry occasion. Other than decorating the house or going on with the flow of traditions you can get lost in the beauty of other cities of India and celebrate this huge festival of light, carols and cakes with much merriment. We always said that oldies are goldies, but getting out and celebrating this huge festival in a way that will amaze you with most utmost experience is what every person adores. From unwrapping gifts to bonfire and fireplace, we have got great destinations and reasons why you should not spend this Christmas in your home. Go out and get loopy on the destinations and get yourself a great chill! So, forget about your grandmother’s home and wander around the streets and be lost in the joy of this breezy festival.

Christmas Celebrations

Do not wonder and sit home ideally. There are superb charming places in India you can go on this Christmas Eve with your loved ones. The rituals and exquisite traditions will surely give you an experience of lifetime! So, don’t think anything much, move your feet and let yourself feel the Christmas vibes.

1. Goa: There is nothing like Christmas celebration in one of the India’s hippest city. Night long parties, chats and cocktails in bars and pubs, cold beaches, cathedrals decorated with flowers and lights and the long masses in churches with melodious carols. There are huge and lot of options if you choose this destination as the place to celebrate winter festivities. You are going to experience the best décor during Christmas in Goa. The city is almost lost in its charm with giant paper lanterns, in the shape of stars between the houses. Dancing and partying is an essential part of Christmas in Goa. And when it’s the occasion of perfect lights and crowds, the parties becomes even more happening. There are many spots in this place which make your feet move on the dance floor.  So, get ready to dance under the stars at such fascinating place. Experience the best nightlife this Christmas with your loved ones and make yourself more relaxed.

2. Shillong: So, if you think there isn’t any good place to visit during Christmas in the north-east, just get back to think again. With much zeal and enthusiasm, Shillong in Meghalaya celebrates one of the best Christmas getaways in India. If you want to rediscover the sparkle of Christmas then it’s the perfect place to move ahead because it turns more paradisiacal during this time. Shillong may be known as the small town, but the personality of this place is very great during such festivities.  This place is full of activities, food stalls, decorations and many more things. The décor of this place so bright that your eyes will get glued to the fascination and your heart would want to shout out loud ‘Merry Christmas’.  This place offers you a plethora of fun and engaging activities during the festive season, and that is why it is considered as one of the best places to visit during Christmas in winters. The perfect eve in Shillong is something that you’ll always remember. The electric and inviting atmosphere with lots of carols decorations and heartwarming hospitality showcase your perfect mood during festivities.  

3. Pondicherry: One can never have less places, when they are in Pondicherry. The pleasant weather, the beaches to hang out, lots of churches and cathedrals and the eye soothing décor attracts your eyes and leave your mind in a calm state. As this place is a great combination of crunchy cookies, Christmas trees, gifts exchanges and full of different activities, and there is not a single doubt left that why this place is landed in the list of best places to celebrate Christmas in India. This place seems like heaven for the people who always desire to enjoy in the middle of sand and sea with pleasant weather and decorations. The serene beaches of Pondicherry and beautifully decorated Christmas churches spread a real Christmas feel. For all the adventure lovers out there, you can really go mad out there with the amalgamation of French cuisine and scuba diving and you will definitely adore the beautiful architecture around the place. Make your winter nights more special and memorable with the fantastic fireworks and dazzling night parties.

4. Kerala: Yes, exactly that’s true l! The whole population gets lost to the beauty of Goa but if the beach lovers thought that there is no serenity left on the beaches of Goa, then they are completely wrong. One can take a trip to Kerala on Christmas to sing carols, witness the beauty and serenity and have a bonfire on the beach and feed on the delicious delicacies. For more than merry experience explore the place and make your Christmas Eve and winter vacations cheerful and bright. With the smell of Christmas cakes, lightning, presents, the cribs, Christmas stars, and the vibrant decorations puts all the mood and festival vibes on fire.

When it comes to Christmas and enjoying the vacations, it’s good to go an extra mile. Having said that Christmas is about doing a little something extra for everyone you admire. Christmas is all about the joy of giving without the thought of getting. So, go out of your place and wander around the lane of new places that we have mentioned. These places are great l to make your wintery night and extra cheerful and bright and also add up to your festive vibes. The beautiful décor and the music will force your feet to shake on the dance floor. This Christmas, wander around the world and make yourself and loved ones feel special and serene. This Christmas season, escape the world of agitation and let the bottom of your heart sing beautifully ‘Merry Christmas’.

We wish you a beautiful, charming and pleasing MERRY CHRISTMAS.