“Home: The story of who we are, and a collection of all the things we love”

 Home is where the heart is, they say.

But is it easy to fixate your heart on your home? Definitely you have to go through thousands of refinements before purchasing that perfect design and make your décor looks graceful. Oh, yes! You must be exhausted of telling your designer about prioritizing your choices. Even the most prominent social sites, including Pinterest and YouTube, have a lot to offer when it comes to decorating your living space. You can find tons of tips and ideas, DIY videos and articles to match up your décor according to your choice. Every home has a special personal touch of the one who is decorating it. We do understand that it is very tiring to rush to the right contractor or an efficient interior designer, in this busy schedule. These online home décor markets have gained much momentum in such a short span of time and hey, we have listed the perfect guide of ideas and tips that help you design and decorate your home easily and just the way you would like it.

Miniature of things add tremendous effect to the winsome of your home decor. Is there any better way to personalize a house and make it a home other than putting up some art that inspires, evokes and makes the space feels nothing less than rapturous? Perfectly displayed artwork is the final finishing touch for a home that seems relaxing and blending as well as eye catching. While shopping, when you look around and spot so many intriguing pieces of art, you often find it difficult to decide what to buy, and what not to buy. Further, sometimes you maybe distressed about the colors, sizes and many other factors concerning to the elegancy of your home. But now, there’s nothing to worry about. See how, print startups not only bestow you with the art stuff which is available under one roof according to the needs of your home but also endow you with the best tips and tricks to fix them up in your decor. Whether you have a diligence for contemporary or fine art, or you want to present your own artistic shots, there are many factors to consider before taking the dip and hanging the pieces in your home. From colors to placement, sizes to custom framing, these creative startups have endless display options for your favorite artworks as well as they have their experts giving top tips on how to display or use their creative artwork in the home. 

One read of their advice will make sure that every original artwork, from significant posters to succinct stickers is a breeze to showcase in your home.

Artsy And Winks



Always enforce the same design principles to display artwork as the rest of the space. A successful display of art is not only all about scale, balance and composition but also about style and mood. Group small posters together but go for larger scale artwork in a busy space to create a sense of balance. Create a mock up on the floor or wall to sense the stability of sizes you are planning to hang which will give you the chance to get the arrangement right and avoid any disasters.


Pay heed towards the colors and sizes. Tend to opt for white frames as they don’t distract from the art but instead enhance the colors. If you have a small piece of art, don’t be afraid of using it with themes and different colors. It gives pleasure the eyes and creates a really interesting focal point of your home decor.


You can capture it as the most vital element. If you have bought a new piece of art whether volumetric or mini, sit the piece in the room you’ve chosen for it (a few days before you decide to actually place it). See how the light plump with the piece.

Daylight, mood lighting, evening shade – all can really make a piece of art shine in a room. But don’t rush to hang it, see how light reacts to your artwork at different times of the day and then you’ll find the best place for it in your room. Even a miniature of artsy can make a big difference.


Apart from significant posters and frames, you have to focus on miniature of things like coasters, types of mugs and different types of printed magnets which you can match with your volumetric things and place it on your fridge and cupboards that help you to enhance the overall fascination of your home. Art should be kept out of the reach of direct sunlight in order to maintain its longevity or else all art would be like the fading photos in a barber’s window. Don’t be frightened of putting small presentment in large spaces. Outsize art can make tiny rooms feel so much more glamorous!!


Artwork can add characteristics and personality to a space. Want to create a subtle, sophisticated, and cohesive design? Selecting and preferring up the subtle tones and structures in a piece of visual art, and utilize it in the soft furnishings, upholstery and accessories, you can. Your artworks and designs should be complementary to each other rather than just parallel elements that are only about balancing composition and elements. This is how your art will shine out in its surroundings.


Don’t hang artwork too high or it will feel detached from the rest of the room. In dining and living rooms where a seated posture is most common, artwork should hang a little low. Kitchen artsy material can be placed on a shelf or at a position where everybody can use it without destroying it.


There are already hundreds of guides offering detailed advices on everything from DIYs to customize settings and also to composition. But we understand how frustrating those can be. Above mentioned are the short and sweet guides on the basics of displaying your favorite artworks and setting them up perfectly in your home decor. Share your experiences and let us know how you relate your own customization with your décor.