A Lot Has Changed Over The Years

The festival of lights-Diwali is celebrated across the world in a very happy, merry and joyous way. It is considered as the night of amawasya every year and that is one of the reasons why everyone enlightens the rows of lights, candles and diyas to illuminate the globe. To mark new beginnings, lamps are lit, sweets are prepared, houses are cleaned, firecrackers are set off to drive away evil spirits and prayers for prosperity are offered to the Goddess of wealth. The motive of celebrating Diwali is different for different people however, the key factor remains same throughout i.e., to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness; good over evil.

The conventional norms of celebrating Diwali start off almost a month before it actually arrives. The traditional decorations and celebrations were much more different than what we usually follow nowadays. The loud and vibrant décor, the colorful rangolis and the wide variety of delicacies enhanced the essence of this festival. The antiques and old pieces of artwork created by people indicated the emotion and sentiment for this big festival. Diwali was believed to be the festival that holds every bond together and make every relationship pure and divine. Lightning diyas, dressing up in new attires held the core essence of this festival with happiness and joyous vibes.

How youth celebrates Diwali

Even though the festive spirit remains same, the way of celebrating Diwali has changed since then in numerous ways. Present day scenario of celebrating this huge festival is much different from what was conventionally done. Youngsters make Diwali more meaningful rather than marking the festival with emotions and sentiments. Diwali is now not only limited to bursting crackers and gifting sweets to friends. Youth in the city has already presented a new way of celebrating this festival. They leave behind the old and traditional norm of celebrating Diwali and step ahead in a very new and fresh way of commemorating the festive vibes. They are busy packing all the artificial stuff for the sake of gifts. Rather than holding the true essence, they have shifted their perception to all the artificial stuff starting from sweets to the goodies and chocolate boxes, from the fresh fruits to the packed fruit juices and from the bright and vibrant decorations to just hanging up the fairy lights. Although the spirit of this festival is still the same among the youth but somehow Diwali has lost its true essence or charm, with this fast paced life. ‘From bursting lots and lots of crackers to saying no to crackers’, Diwali has changed its meaning and somehow molded into a very slow and subtle one. To mark this occasion as a more meaningful one the young people have been seen taking active participation in the different campaigns that say more about ‘no pollution’, ‘no crackers’ , ‘stay healthy, no sweets’ to many more and that is how the charm of this big fat five day festive season has transformed or somehow changed into a sophisticated one. There was a time when people used to go to markets a month before to buy glamorous, shiny objects for the decoration of their houses. They used to recreate new materials from the old and waste things. But now, due to the busy and evolving lifestyle, everyone is more focused on unpacking and packing the same stuff.

With the advancement in technology and the coming up of a new communicating mediums; primarily social media, has become a part of life, a drastic change has been observed in the outlook of people. The life has now transformed from a dull and boring one into a very creative, engaging and somewhat entertaining. The young generation pays much heed to creativity and decorating things with a touch of sparkle, in both new and traditional ways. Instead of celebrating Diwali traditionally, the youth is now more focused on creative, fresh and more environmental friendly ways of celebrating this huge festival with the touch of quirk, unique and novel things. The city youngsters are going more and more tech-savvy and eco-friendly every festive year. They share pictures, videos and explore different and creative method of using things in various forms. People are now getting smarter and fabricating things that are more eco-friendly. Remember the time when people used to make colorful rangolis with traditional designs. The gesture is same but presentation is now new, different and unique. The colorful rangoli has now shifted to flowers, pearls, and gems. The youngsters have left no stone unturned and unused to go creative on the festive seasons. The alteration from wishing everyone by going to their houses to texting them on whatsapp has completely changed the nature and significance of this big fat Diwali festival.

From burning crackers to gifting plants and campaigning against crackers, youth has already transformed the celebration of Diwali and made a huge difference by going green every Diwali. And that actually is the perfect way to celebrate it! The young generation with a different approach has found alternate ways of celebrating and marking the whole essence with a lot more of concern towards the country, environment and animals rather than getting emotional and sentimental for the biggest festival of the country. Every year, from days before Diwali a bunch of environment conscious people initiate and induce other people about the importance of “Green Diwali”. From saying no to fire crackers to gifting eco-friendly things to conducting such workshops that explain the ill-effect of crackers, the overall motive of celebrating Diwali has changed over the past few years. The smart move that has been taken over by the youth of our country to celebrate the festival is what allows us to have fun without harming our surroundings.

Though the old, traditional and glamorous ways of Diwali celebration still hold their charm and aura, but the youth has understood the need of both, celebrating the festival and sustaining the environment. It hardly matters whether you gift a plate full of sweets or a box full of dry-fruits, what needs to be pure is the sentiments and intentions of gifting it to anyone. The roads should be lightened up; be it with diyas or fairy lights! No matter what the way of celebration is Diwali will always hold its place and importance in our hearts and lives.

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